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Reviewing the Laws


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Legal Drafting and Contract Management

In trade and commerce, it is the written documents that establish legally binding relationships. The agreements you sign, can be a “boon or a bane”.


It is a “boon”, when it safeguards your business interests and protects your assets; and it is a “bane” if your business contracts are poorly written causing ambiguity and confusion or you sign on the dotted lines of the other party’s contracts without understanding your rights, duties and obligations.

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Compliance With Internet Laws

Your website is your prime sales person. Netizens around the globe can access your website. You need to be extra careful about global laws also. Websites without the required customised legal pages are an open invitation for litigation.


Getting in to legal issues is easy but coming out scot-free is not.


Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

In online business world, “data” is the fuel and “trust” is the currency. Protecting the “data” and building “trust and confidence” is a combination of IT security and legal polices. A small mistake can blowup your business and reputation.


To be transparent in your dealings, you need proper legal terms and policies. 

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Business Insurance

Business involves many risks. Different claims can be made against your business by a customer to an employee. To be monetarily safe, insurance firms has numerous business policies.


It is advisable to have appropriate policies in place with sufficient coverage. Deciding the right Policies and selecting the best premium needs expert assistance.  

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Data Protection & Privacy Law Implemetation

The data you possess and has control of is your greatest business liability as well as asset. Once you start treating your data as a liability, it becomes your most valuable asset.


And today, businesses run on “data”. Legal protection of the “data” is the way to ensure sustainable growth. 

Contract Review

Contracts and Agreements in IP Management

Protecting your intellectual properties (IP) is of prime importance. If your logo or domain name is not Trademark protected the same can be lost. Similarly, you may face IP Rights infringement cases, if you have violated third party IP rights.


Intellectual Property management done strategically creates value addition to the business. 

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