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  • Why we are your right choice?
    Business and law are inseparable. Sustainable growth and increased ROI happen only when your business has strong legal base, proactive legal strategies and plan of action and timely assistance. We as your “Partner in Law” understands your business from the inside, the industry you belong to, your products and services, your marketing and growth plans, your competitive edge as well that of your competitors and provide the legal insights in the right dose at the right time so that each business decision you take has inbuilt legal safety button. Handling corporate legal affairs has to have good business acumen plus practical legal knowledge. Team Biz Legal Guard has considerable corporate legal exposure as well in legal practice. This equips Team Biz Legal Guard with better understanding of your business legal needs and implement law from the businessman’s perspective as a growth tool and value creator without breaking the law. Our aim and motto is to be your “Partner in Law” equipping you to confidently play your business legal game.
  • What Services We Offer?
    Contract Management includes: Planning, Drafting and Execution Legal Vetting and Review Preparing Contract Cheat Sheet We draft, vet and review all types of business agreements and contracts including B2B and B2C Contracts, Notices and Reply Notices, Complaints, Communication Letters, Commercial Lease and Rent Agreements, Settlement Agreement, Employment Contract, Work for Hire Agreement Supplier Agreement, Distribution Contracts, Partnership Agreements, Investors Agreements, Share Transfer Agreement etc. Our Specialization - Planning, Drafting and legal vetting and review of Techno Legal Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements. Confidentiality Agreements etc. Types of Techno Legal Contracts we can draft for you includes but NOT an Exhaustive List: SaaS Agreement Software Development Agreement Software Beta Testing Agreement Intellectual Property Assignment Contract Website Development and Management Agreement Website Sale/Lease Agreement E Marketing Agreements E Commerce Platform Agreements E Commerce Vendor Terms and Contracts Cloud Service Agreements Data Protection Agreement Data Handling and Management Agreement Privacy Agreements and Polices, Privacy by Design documentation Social Media Contracts Website Legal Pages includes: Terms and Conditions, User Terms, Privacy policy, Cookie Policy, Disclaimers, Copyright Notice, About Us Page etc. App Usage Terms and Conditions
  • Other Areas We can Help Our Customers?
    Data Protection Privacy law implementation (offline and online) Training in maintenance of Data Privacy GDPR Compliance Compliance of Internet laws Patent and Trademark registration Avail the Right Business Insurances Cyber Risk Mitigation Strategies Business Legal Audit Website Legal Audit
  • What other Services we can recommend?
    We can introduce you to a variety of services that are essential for the growth of your business. We can connect you to expert and professional service providers in the areas of: Website Development Content Creation Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Business and Personal Growth Business Valuation Finance Management Graphic Design Business Automation
  • How can you Contact us?
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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